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Returning To Normal

Things are slowly and surely returning to normal.  There is still a lot of work ahead, but it is good that normalcy is coming back to this region.


Storm of Fury

Many of you have recently inquired about my in-laws, Syd and Becky Pitzer.  For those of you who don’t know them, Syd and Becky live in West Texas at Possum Kingdom Lake; an area that is suffering from some of the driest conditions in recorded history.  Drought has ravaged lands in western Texas and Oklahoma and unfortunately so now have wildfires.   

Several weeks ago, fires in West Texas began popping up here and there.  Although this is not an unusual occurrence for this time of year, what began on March 17th has become a horrific scene. 

The day began like most other spring days, warm, dry and a bit breezy.  However, as the day went on, the breeze started to picked up and the fires started to spread. Soon, four fires became one and the aftermath, well….words just don’t do it justice.

God’s rath is sometimes unexplainable and most times unpredictable.  Fortunately for my in-laws, God has looked favorably upon their good deeds.  However, others have not been so fortunate.  As you will see from the attached pictures, the wild fires traveled the ridge along Sportsman World and on into other areas of the lake; destroying most everything in its path.  The only likely explanation as to why my in-laws and their two neighbors were spare would be that they choose to build closer to the water and not on the ridge.  Though their views may not be quite as good, but their homes are still standing.

The pictures will show that many families in this area are not financially of need and rebuilding will only be a concern of time and inconvenience.  However, for every one family with such good fortune, there are countless others who will struggle to make ends meet and may not be able to rebuild their family homes. 

Texas was built on the premise and foundation of neighbors helping neighbors and now is the time our neighbors need help.  For many people, the road ahead is uncertain.  I encourage you to reach out and help your neighbor.  The links below will direct you to more photos and a list of charities and local organizations that are helping to serve the residence effected by such a devastating event.  

*  Most of the pictures were taken on April 22nd.  This was the first opportunity residences were allowed back into the communities to survey the damage to their property and retrieve whatever belongings they could.  The show of support and coordination efforts between the Forest Department, Law Enforcement and the Red Cross were outstanding.  Their goal was to keep residence safe, secure the area and provide support.  They performed their jobs impeccably.


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